Aleksandra Fayerman

Aleksandra Fayerman

Courage Expert | Speaker | Podcast Host

Teach a Man to Think LLC

Aleksandra Fayerman is a Courage Expert whose main passion and purpose has been to find her inner power and create a life with no limits; only boundaries. Now, that she has unlocked her own power, she wants to share her stories, experiences, and most importantly the tools that will help you unlock the power you already possess. Courage is nothing more than a muscle; and Aleksandra is the personal trainer to transform it into the strongest muscle you have. Because with courage, anything is possible. Aleksandra is also a Podcast Host of Teach a Man to Think, and holds a Real Estate License with LPT. She’s a former Attorney, Author, nomad and house-sitter who has traveled and lived around the world in many fascinating places. Above all, she is a prolific storyteller who has a passion and purpose to share her personal experiences in hopes of helping others jump out of their comfort zone into a life that makes them feel fulfilled and stretches their self-imposed limits past their imaginations. “Teach a Man to Think” is more than just a phrase or a concept, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a commitment to being your best self and doing what’s right for you because only by listening to your intuition can you achieve the ‘holy duo’: inner & outer success. Material success is great, but there’s something even better: peace, joy, and self-love. Once you decide to do things differently and most importantly think differently, that is the true catalyst to jumpstart your journey to living the life you want and the life you deserve. | Change Your Mind • Change Your Life |