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Digital Business Cards
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Digital Business Cards

In today's business world, first impressions are crucial, and one of the most important ways to make a good impression is with a business card. Not only are they a great way to exchange contact information, but they also serve as a physical embodiment of your brand. That's where Konect digital business cards come in. They are designed to be modern, eye-catching and engaging, making them the perfect tool for networking.

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All the features you need

Social IconsAll your social profiles and contact details in one place.
ButtonsAdd unlimited links and make it easy for your audience to find your best content.
DescriptionsWrite captivating content about yourself, your company and anything else of value.
Photo / GIFDisplay images of your best work and link it to other sites.
VideosLet your audience watch your newest videos directly inside your page.
Contact FormsBuild your mailing list. Let your prospects exchange their details back with you.
CalendlyLet your prospects schedule meetings with you directly with Calendly.
BooksyLet clients book services instantly with Booksy and avoid the back-and-forth phone calls.
EmbedAdd your podcast, music and even a custom webpage.

How it works

Create your accountGetting started is super easy, fun and free. Simply enter a few details and you're on your way to leveling up your business.
Customize your pagesGet creative and design your pages your way. Choose your colors. Add your profile image, logo, social icons, links, videos, and much more.
Share it everywhereAdd your Link In Bio page across your social platforms to connect with your audience. Use your digital business card for prospecting and networking.

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